Flatfeet in children and adults are commonly treated at our Northwest Indiana office.If flat feet or a flat foot is a problem for you or your child, please consider seeing one of the friendly podiatrists at our award-winning podiatry office (we have been honored with the “Best Podiatrist” award from the Post-Tribune and “Best of the Region” from the NWI Times repeatedly — in fact, ten times!) Read patient reviews of our care by clicking here

Flatfeet may contribute to a multitude of foot problems, including pain, tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, foot and ankle weakness, out toeing, in-toeing and difficulty walking or walking abnormally. Are you concerned about your child? Many pediatricians will tell you that your will outgrow their flatfeet. This may or may not happen. We see the children who did not outgrow their flatfeet. Incidentally, Dr. Nirenberg has trained with the inventor of the HyproCure, which is a simple procedure that benefits many children and even some adults with flatfeet. To learn more about Dr. Nirenberg read his biography by clicking here.

Since our feet are our body’s foundation, having a misaligned or “flat” foundation can cause problems all the way up our whole body, as well cause our feet to become tired, sore, achy and painful. Flatfeet can reduce our ability to walk, run, exercise and in general, be as active as we want to be.

Flatfeet or a flatfoot can be a factor in the following problems:


Flatfeet Treatment Options


Treatment for flatfeet may involve our Northwest Indiana podiatrist making you custom made foot orthotics. A foot orthotic is a specialized device designed and fabricated from a mold of your foot.

Foot orthotics may be a good first-line treatment for your flatfoot problem.


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Other options may include shoe modifications, supports, bracing, stretching exercises and possibly surgery.

Surgery for flatfeet correction can be relatively minor or more involved. Often, our Northwest Indiana podiatrists will consider the HyProCure procedure to address a flatfoot or flatfeet.

HyProCure Procedure for Flatfeet Correction



HyProCure procedure is a surgery works by using a normal opening in the foot to increase the foot’s arch and improve the foot shape and function. The HyProCure surgery can be done for children or adults. To learn more read about the HyProCure by clicking here.

HyProCure works differently than other treatment options, which is what makes it so effective. It is placed into a naturally-occurring space in between the ankle bone and heel bone through a small incision below the outer ankle bone. There are no pins, screws or drills required.

Flatfoot surgery with the HyProCure is much less involved and allows a faster recovery than many of the older flatfoot procedures. In fact, the HyProCure surgery for flatfoot correction is revolutionary. Our Northwest Indiana podiatrist office offers HyProCure corrective surgery for persons of all ages, from children to adults.

When you visit our Northwest Indiana podiatrist office for evaluation for the HyProCure procedure our podiatrist will start by taking a thorough history and often taking foot x-rays. By the way, our podiatry practice uses state-of-the-art digital x-rays, which provide better visualization of the structures of your foot and reduced radiation.

HyProCure should not be not for everyone with a flatfoot, but when appropriately utilized the results can be impressive. There can be risks and complications with the HyProCure and if this procedure is right for you (or your child) our podiatrists will discuss the risk with you in detail so you can make an informed decision about the HyProCure procedure. More pros and cons of the HyProCure procedure can be found on the HyProCure website – click here.

HyProCure improves misaligned, flatfeet or overly pronated or hyperpronated feet. The procedure improves the alignment of your flatfoot. Your foot will likely be less prone to pain and problems, as well better overall alignment for your whole body. You may find yourself able to walk, run and even perform at sports better than ever.  

Our Northwest Indiana podiatrist, Dr. Nirenberg, trained with the inventor of the HyProCure, Dr. Michael Graham. Dr. Graham led “hands-on” training at HyProCure’s world headquarters in Michigan, which Dr. Nirenberg attended. Visit the HyProCure website by clicking here.

Whether you are an adult or a child, HyProCure may be a good fit for your flatfeet problems. The surgery is done on an out-patient basis with the patient often asleep. Our Northwest Indiana podiatrist will often use intraoperative fluoroscopy to help ensure the best possible position for the implant or stent, as it is referred to. The procedure is fast, often taking between 20 to 30 minutes.  

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