If you need an ankle doctor in Northwest Indiana for an ankle injury, ankle sprain or ankle pain, our ankle doctor is here to help you. Dr. Nirenberg and the entire Friendly Foot Care podiatry team has been providing expert treatment for ankle pain, ankle sprains and most every other ankle problem to people throughout Northwest Indiana for over 25 years.  As an ankle doctor, Dr. Nirenberg is certain to thoroughly evaluate your ankle (and foot) injury or problem provide you with comprehensive foot or ankle treatment.


Our Ankle Doctor Specializes in Ankle Treatment for Ankle Pain or Injury

As an ankle doctor, Dr. Nirenberg often provides treatment for ankle pain or an ankle injury, such as an ankle sprain or ankle weakness (an ankle that “gives out”). Causes of ankle pain include ankle arthritis, tendon problems of ankle (torn ankle tendon or injured ankle tendon or tendonitis), or ankle ligament tears or even an ankle fracture, ankle infection or gout in the ankle.


Ankle Injury and Ankle Treatment by our Ankle Doctor

ankle doctor ankle injury

Our Ankle Doctor Treats Ankle Injuries, such as a ankle sprain or fracture

Dr. Nirenberg, our premiere foot and ankle doctor, will often begin evaluating your ankle injury or ankle pain or problem by checking your circulation, range of motion and temperature of the joint. Often, ankle x-rays will done. Our Northwest Indiana office uses digital x-rays to evaluate ankle pain and problems. Digital x-rays provide our ankle doctor with a superior image over conventional x-rays and emit less radiation, making them safer for you!

Ankle Treatment of a Sports Injury by Our Ankle Doctor

Ankle sprains and ankle injuries, particular ankle tendon injury or ankle tendon pain or tendon tears, may be evaluated in our Northwest Indiana office with our diagnostic ultrasound machine by our ankle. Many ankle injuries are sports injuries of the ankle but people can have an ankle sprain just walking through their kitchen or just about anywhere.

Common sports injuries our Northwest Indiana provides ankle treatment for includes an ankle sprain, an ankle fracture, ankle arthritis, ankle weakness (or a weak ankle) and a sore or twisted ankle (or foot). Our ankle doctor provides ankle treatment for athletes who sustain an athletic ankle sprain or ankle injury during many sports, especially soccer, baseball, football, tennis, and running and jogging. Many runners sustain a twisted ankle (or ankle sprain) at some point and our ankle doctor knows how it important it is to provide prompt, thorough treatment to runners so they can quickly get back to doing what they love — running!

Of course, anyone can injure their ankle and need ankle treatment. Our foot and ankle doctor provides ankle treatment to children, diabetics, and people of all ages. Some people can even have a gout attack in the ankle. Gout tends to affect the big toe but it can occur in any joint of the foot or ankle. Gout in the ankle needs to distinguished from other ankle problems, such as infection or trauma or arthritis. Persons with a nerve problem, pinched nerve or neuropathy of the foot or ankle may walk unsteady and be more prone to an ankle sprain or ankle injury.

Our ankle doctor may also use MRI or CT scan or in some cases bone scans to evaluate complex or ongoing ankle pain, ankle weakness or a severe ankle sprain.


Ankle Treatment Provided by our Ankle Doctor

Our ankle doctor will utilize many different ankle treatments for your ankle pain, ankle sprain or ankle problem. Common ankle treatment for an injured or painful ankle by our foot or ankle doctor may include bracing, medication, injections, physical therapy, foot supports (custom made foot orthotics) and other ankle treatments, such as hi-tech arthroscopic ankle surgery. Arthroscopic ankle surgery allows our ankle doctor to “clean out” arthritis and arthritis-related inflammation from the ankle joint. The ankle surgery procedure is short and usually done on an out-patient basis, similar to many of our podiatrist foot surgery procedures.

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