Toe Pain – Why a Toe Hurts

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Toe Doctor

Our “Toe Doctor” Dr. Mike Nirenberg

Incidentally, Dr. Nirenberg or “Dr. Mike” as patients call him, has helped law enforcement, including the FBI, on homicide cases involving foot-related evidence (such as footprints) and gait analysis. His foot and ankle expertise has been sought by numerous media, including USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, WBBM radio and FOX News (click here to read more news).To read Dr. Nirenberg’s CV click here.

Our foot doctor – or toe doctors — often hear, “Why does my toe hurt?” or people say, “My toe hurts!” As podiatrists, our doctors treat the foot and ankle, and of course, this includes a painful toe or painful toes.

Toe pain or a painful toe occurs in people of all ages, from children to adults to seniors, and can occur for many different reasons: from a sports injury to a simply banging the leg of your bed to a serious infection or just an ingrown toenail or other reasons.

Each “toe doctor” at our Northwest Indiana office provides treatment for most any reason your toe hurts or causes you pain. Toe pain may occur only when walking or only while resting, or you could find your toe hurts all the time or your toe pain may “come and go.”

Toe pain or a painful toe may occur with other symptoms (besides pain). The toe may swell (a swollen toe) or change in color, such as the toe turning red, pink, dark, bruised, purple, black or white. Toe pain can also occur with the toe feeling warm or hot, or even cool or cold or numb, burning, tingling, throbbing or stinging.

Toe pain may only occur with you try to walk or run, or the painful toe could be painful at night and be so painful it could wake you up (as might occur with gout).


Toe Pain Treatment Starts With Our “Toe Doctor” Talking To You

Toe pain treatment begins with the doctor asking you about your painful toe. Our foot doctor – or our toe doctor – will ask you about the history of your toe pain. You may have toe pain when you bend the toe or your toe pain may prevent you from bending the toe.


Toe Pain due to Infection or an Ingrown Toenail

Your painful toe may be due to an ingrown toenail or an infection. Infections can become serious quickly and the infection may get into the bone of the toe. Ingrown toe nails may become infected if not treated promptly.

Toe Pain

Toe Pain Due to an Ingrown Toenail

Toe pain from an ingrown toenail or an infection (infected toe) can occur for anyone, though a toe infection or an infected ingrown toenail in persons with diabetes may be more serious.

People with diabetes are generally prone to slow healing, possible gangrene, worsening of infection and even loss of a toe or the foot.

Diabetic patients with a toe problem or painful toe may have poor circulation, impaired healing and even reduced sensation (neuropathy). Whether you are diabetic or not, if you believe you have an infection or ingrown toe or other toe problem, you should see our foot – toe doctor – promptly.

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Toe Pain Can Have Many Causes

Toe pain can be due to many causes, such as wearing a tight shoe or a painful toe could be due to a number of other reasons. Our Northwest Indiana podiatry office sees people with painful toes as a result of many different causes.


Toe Pain due to a Fractured Toe

Some people believe nothing can be done for a fractured toe; however, this is not always the case. Many people present to our Northwest Indiana office with a fractured toe, and these people may require treatment or surgery.

It is important to treat a fractured toe correctly so the fracture heals as straight as possible so long-term problems can be prevented. An incorrectly treated fractured toe could lead to a deformed toe, stiff toe, swollen toe, sore toe, or toe that cannot bend or flex correctly. Worse, a fractured toe could lead to arthritis in the toe, pinched nerve or chronic ongoing pain (which could make walking difficult).

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Toe Pain due to a Nerve Problem or Pinched Nerve

Other causes of toe pain or a painful toe, include nerve problems, such as a pinched nerve or a neuroma. If you have nerve pain causing your toe or toes to hurt, your toes or toe may feel like it is numb (numbness), burning, tingling, or cramping. Some people say they feel like a sock is balled up or rolled up under their toes or they have sharp pain.

Nerve pain is a common reason for your toe to hurt and our doctor may prescribe medicine or make you a custom-made foot orthotic to alleviate your toe pain. Some people with nerve problems or pinched nerves require surgery. If you do have a pinched nerve or nerve pain in your toes or toe, Dr. Nirenberg is a Fellow of the Association of Extremity Nerve Surgeons.

Common nerve problems that can cause toe pain include Morton’s Neuroma, other neuroma pain, deep peroneal nerve entrapment, tarsal tunnel syndrome, sural nerve entrapment, or other nerve problems.

Sometimes burning, numbness, tingling or cramping the toes can be due to poor circulation or a circulation issue, neuropathy or other problems. If your toe hurts and you have burning, numbness, tingling, cramping, sharp pain or other symptoms, you should see one of our “toe doctors” for an evaluation of your toe problem promptly. Read more about how our foot doctors can help alleviate nerve pain in your feet by clicking here.

If you have toe pain from a possible pinched nerve or injured nerve (nerve injury), call our office today for an appointment at (219)663-2273 or make your appointment online by Clicking Here.


Toe Pain due to a Hammertoe, Mallet Toe or Claw Toe

Toe pain or a painful toe may be the result of the toe deforming and becoming a hammertoe. Hammertoes are common and if you have a hammertoe you may have pain when trying to walk or stand or the toe may hurt when you try to where shoes. The shoe may rub or press against the toe of the toe making the toe hurt. The toe may have a corn or callous or just feel irritated. Hammertoe treatment may require surgery to straighten the toe or alleviate the pain.

A corn or callous on a toe that makes a toe hurt or a toe sore could also occur on a toe due a deformity of the toe called a mallet toe or a claw toe (in addition to a hammertoe). A claw toe can be painful and may have both a corn and a callous on the toe. Claw toe or mallet toe treatment may require toe surgery.

Our foot doctors have treated people with hammertoes and other toe problems from all of  Northwest Indiana, including Merrillville, Winfield, Dyer, Schererville, La Porte, Lowell, Valparaiso, Dyer, Portage, Gary, Highland, St. John, Griffith, Hobart, Wheatfield, DeMotte, Michigan City, Hammond, Chesterton, Munster, Lafayette, Kouts and Michigan City.

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Toe Pain due to a Sports Injury of the Toe

Sports injuries, such as running, can cause toe pain or a painful toe. Our Northwest Indiana office knows how important sports are to athletes or those people who just want to stay fit and if you have sport injury of your toe (or foot or ankle), each doctor in our office will provide treatment that can get you back to your favorite sport as quickly as possible.

A sports injury of the toe can require urgent treatment and our Northwest Indiana office will work to try to get an appointment quickly. If you believe you have a sports injury, please be sure to let our friendly staff know about your problem when you call.



Toe Pain – Final Thoughts on Why a Toe Hurts

If your toe hurts or you begin asking yourself “Why does my toe hurt?” you should consider seeing a toe doctor. Each podiatrist in our Northwest Indiana office has provided treatment for at least hundreds of painful toes.

Toe pain may be due to the structure of your foot (a flat foot or high arch foot) or how you walk. It could be due to a cyst on the toe, blister on the toe, mass on the toe, or even a splinter in the toe or an open sore on the toe or inflammation. Further, if you are seeing another doctor currently and want a second opinion podiatrist evaluation, please call us at (219)663-2273.

Our podiatry office has helped people with toe pain from all over Northwest Indiana, including Merrillville, Winfield, Schererville, Valparaiso, Dyer, Portage, Gary, Dyer, Highland, St. John, Griffith, Lowell, Wheatfield, DeMotte, Michigan City, Hammond, Munster, Lafayette, Kouts, La Porte, Hobart, Michigan City and Chesterton.

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