Ingrown Toenail Surgery and Removal

Ingrown toenail pain is common problem we treat in our podiatrist Northwest Indiana office. Ingrown toenail surgery is performed by our podiatrists routinely and the surgery is generally easy, quick and patients often resume most activities the same day. 

Ingrown toenail surgery and removal is often done in our Northwest Indiana podiatry office. Ingrown toenail pain is often alleviated quickly with a simple surgery to remove the painful ingrown part of the toenail. Often only the ingrown part of the toenail needs to be removed to provide you with relief. 

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Ingrown Toenail Pain Explained

Diabetic foot infectionToenails become painful because the edge of the nail starts to dig into the soft flesh of our toes. Left untreated, an ingrown toenail problem can become infected. Infected ingrown toenails often become even more painful and the ingrown toenail edge may become red, swollen and sore to the slightest touch.

Pain from a toenail has many causes. It could be the shape of the nail itself, due to nail fungus, trauma, injury, tight shoes, improper nail trimming or other causes. The important thing about an ingrown toenail is to be sure you get it treated before infection sets in.

Nail fungus in a toenail or even the skin of our feet is a separate problem that our podiatrists treat. When you visit our office, the foot doctor will carefully evaluate the toenail problem and if there is nail fungus or another toenail problem, he will explain the various treatment options that are available to you. Fungus in a toenail or a fungal toenail can be easily treated, especially if caught early!

Toenail problems include toenail crumbling, toenail discoloration or a dark toenail, or a loose toenail. Loose toenails or separating toenails can be due to trauma or injury of a toenail. It is not uncommon to drop something on a toenail and injure the toenail or bang a toe, which can cause a loose toenail or painful toenail. 

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Infected Ingrown Toenail and Toenail Infection

Ingrown toenail surgery

Ingrown Toenail

Once a toenail becomes infected, the pain may become much worse, and sometimes infection fluid or pus from the toenail may drain out from around the ingrown toenail edge or from under a painful toenail.

Some people with a toenail infection or infected toenail may not be able to wear a closed-toe shoe due to the pain. Other types of toenail problems, such as thick or fungal toenails or yellow or abnormal toenails can also possibly lead to more serious issues or pain.

The risk with an infected ingrown toenail is that the bone from toe, which is beneath the nail, can also become infected.

Once bone becomes infected it is called osteomyelitis (bone infection) and it is more difficult to treat. Because of this risk of infection starting in the bone of the toe, it is important that people who have a painful ingrown toenail see a podiatrist promptly.

If you believe your ingrown toenail may be starting to become infected or the toenail is infected, be sure to tell the receptionist at our Northwest Indiana office and we will work to get you in to see our podiatrist as soon as possible. If you have diabetes or poor circulation an ingrown toenail or foot infection can be even more serious and you must see us or another qualified physician immediately. 

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Keep in mind that painful, infected ingrown toenails can be caused by tight shoes or injury and infected toes and infection in toenails can worsen, sometimes rapidly. Persons with health issues, such as diabetes are at higher risk for a simple ingrown toenail leading to bigger problems. Diabetics with ingrown toenails should see a podiatrist or one of our doctors promptly. 

Other toenail problems our podiatrists treat include blood under the toenail or a bruised toenail, or a dark or black toenail. Sometimes a toenail with blood under it is due to an injury to the toenail and the blood needs to be drained. Often, most toenail problems can be solved with minor surgery in our office.  

Ingrown Toenail Treatment

Toenail surgery can often be done in the office during your visit to our Northwest Indiana podiatry office. The podiatrist will numb up your toe and gently remove the ingrown toe nail. If you wish, IV sedation is an option that is available for the procedure. The surgery to remove the painful edge of a toenail that is digging into the toe usually takes only a few minutes. Most people return to work the next day.

For toenail infection (infected toenail), the procedure is similar as for that of an ingrown toenail. The podiatrist will remove the part of the toenail that contributing to the toenail infection and allow the infected toenail to drain. The infected toenail will quickly feel better.

Toenail surgery and surgery for ingrown toenails are not for everyone. Be sure to discuss your other medical problems with our podiatrist, as diabetes, poor circulation or blood thinners can complicate toenail surgery issues for some people. 

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Low-Cost, Affordable Cash Price and Payment Plans for Ingrown Toenail Surgery

If you do not have insurance or you are under-insured, or you have a high deductible and wish to pay cash, we will work with you! We understand that not everyone has insurance and we offer an affordable, reduced fee, low-cost cash price (and payment plans) for ingrown toenail surgery.

Our ingrown toenail surgery fee for patients paying cash is reasonable, as are our payment plans, and we will work to get you in quickly. If you need a low-cost, affordable cash price for ingrown toenail surgery, please call our insurance/billing department today at (219)663-2273.


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