Podiatry expert witness assistance is offered by Dr. Nirenberg in regard to various podiatric medical issues and forensic issues. Dr. Nirenberg is among a handful of podiatrists who is both a forensic and clinical podiatrist. This rare-skill set allows him to provide podiatry expert witness support for both legal and criminal matters in an astute, insightful manner.

As a podiatry expert witness with more than 30 years in clinical practice, Dr. Nirenberg brings not only experience but the ability to explain complex cases in a plain-spoken, down-to-earth manner.

Role of a Podiatry Expert Witness

As a podiatrist or podiatry expert witness, Dr. Nirenberg has experience and knowledge of foot and ankle issues, including footprint analysis, footwear analysis and forensic gait analysis. Gait has been explained as the manner or style that a person walks.

Dr. Nirenberg’s role as a podiatry expert witness varies. He may provide a review of the case materials (a case review) to help an attorney or hospital gain further insight into foot and ankle treatment or foot or ankle surgery. In these cases he may assist in helping to determine if the foot and ankle treatment or surgery was appropriate, or if medical malpractice has occurred. If an injury or accident has occurred, such as with a slip and fall or pedicure issue, Dr. Nirenberg can help analyze the alleged injury or help evaluate extent of an injury sustained by a person in an accident.

Types of Cases that Involve a Podiatry Expert Witness

Podiatry expert witness cases may involve a foot or ankle injury, a medical malpractice claim, a workers’ compensation claim, personal injury cases (a car accident or a slip and fall accident), pedicure injury (nail salon injury or claims), negligence, gait, footprints or patent claims (patent disputes).

Dr. Nirenberg can provide case review or hospital review of a podiatrist’s care or foot or ankle treatment. These case reviews can provide attorneys or hospitals with a detailed, independent review and analysis of the circumstances of the matter, including an evaluation of possible negligence or medical malpractice. 

Other areas include nursing home care, particularly when a foot or heel wound or ulcer has occurred and led to a complication.

Podiatry expert witness cases may also involve criminal cases. Criminal cases may involve assistance with evaluating a footprint or footprints at a crime scene, footwear or shoes associated with a crime scene or analysis of gait – forensic gait analysis.

Essentially, most legal matters whether civil or criminal involving the foot or ankle, may benefit from reaching out for Dr. Nirenberg’s podiatry expert witness assistance.

Podiatry Expert Witness Qualifications

Among Dr. Nirenberg’s podiatry expert witness qualifications, he has been a practicing podiatrist for over 30 years, wherein he has performed a variety of foot and ankle treatment and surgery. He is board certified in foot & ankle surgery and also in primary care in podiatry.

Dr. Nirenberg serves as president of the American Society of Forensic Podiatry and served on the Forensic Podiatry Subcommittee of the International Association for Identification (IAI), and currently serves on the IAI’s General Forensics Science and Practice Subcommittee.

Dr. Nirenberg also serves on the editorial boards of Science & Justice (journal of the Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences) and the Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association (forensic podiatry and nerve surgery), and he is Chair of the Exploratory Task Group on Gait Analysis within the Organization of Scientific Area Committees (OSAC) for Forensic Science.

Dr. Nirenberg has also served as an invited peer reviewer for forensic and medical journals, including the Journal of Forensic Science and Medicine, Forensic Science International, and The Lancet — one of the highest ranked medical journals.

Dr. Nirenberg was the first podiatric medical student to have a paper accepted for publication as a student (without a physician co-author) by the Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association, whose editor made a special exception to publish his paper.

Dr. Nirenberg has been awarded the Distinguished Podiatric Medical Writing Award for his paper, “Forensic Methods and the Podiatric Physician”.

Dr. Nirenberg has also lectured on forensics, including providing presentations at the International Association for Identification and the American Academy of Forensic Sciences.

Beyond the USA, Dr. Nirenberg has provided forensic and/or medical related presentations for persons in Canada, India, Israel and Spain, and have lectured to professional trackers, police, attorneys, and has assisted in the training of podiatric residents.

He has also assisted law enforcement in the USA and Canada as a podiatry expert witness in the analysis of foot and gait-related evidence in criminal matters and provided review/verification of forensic reports for criminal cases in the United Kingdom (UK).

In the undertaking as a podiatry expert witness to determine if persons may have been wrongfully convicted, he has examined gait/pedal evidence for agencies in Commonwealth of Massachusetts, New York, California and Iowa. In 2022, his assistance contributed to the exoneration of a wrongfully convicted person.

Dr. Nirenberg has authored or co-authored over 40 medical or forensic publications (or accepted publications) and/or short communications.

Dr. Nirenberg is a co-editor of the textbook “Forensic Gait Analysis: Principles and Practice,” published by Taylor & Francis CRC Press.

In his capacity as podiatry expert witness, Dr. Nirenberg has also assisted the Department of Justice (DOJ) in legal matters. In Indiana Dr. Nirenberg provided assistance to the Department of Justice in assessing allegations of podiatric malpractice in the Veteran’s Administration and in Illinois, he assisted the DOJ in a podiatrist fraud investigation.

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