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Telemedicine Podiatrist Assistance for Foot & Ankle Problems

Our Northwest Indiana podiatrist office provides telemedicine or telehealth for foot and ankle pain and problems. Telemedicine podiatry is the newest technology that allows you to “visit” with one of our podiatrists and get treatment for your heel, foot or ankle pain or problems. Telehealth was started during the coronavirus (Covid-19) to allow people with foot or ankle problems to get help while staying in their home. 

Foot health is important. If you have foot, ankle or heel pain, it could prevent you from walking or exercising. Diabetics are risk for infections or sores on their feet. A sore or wound on a diabetic’s foot is called an ulcer, and infection can set in if not treated quickly and correctly. Telehealth or a telemedicine podiatrist visit can prevent a small infection or problem from worsening. 

Telemedicine for Foot and Ankle Pain

Our podiatrists believe telemedicine for foot and ankle problems can bring people closer together. Due to a number of reasons many people do not want to leave their home or cannot. Most recently, the coronavirus (Covid-19) has acted to keep people inside, where they feel safe. However, other problems can make people not want to visit our podiatrists at the office, such as a snowstorm. Now, you can arrange a telemedicine podiatrist visit one of our foot doctors.

Telemedicine Podiatrist Appointment

Telemedicine podiatrist care or telehealth podiatrist care is available from our foot and ankle expert podiatrists as a scheduled appointment, and only for persons who are residents of Indiana. Our podiatrist will discuss your problem with you and make recommendations. The podiatrist may also call in prescription. Telemedicine is not only a way to stay home during the coronavirus but may save you time driving out to our office to see the doctor. If you have heel, foot or ankle pain or other urgent problems, including infections or pinched nerves, or even a bunion, call our office to set up your telemedicine foot and ankle visit. Call today at (219)663-2273.

Telemedicine appointments with the podiatrist require that you have a smart phone or a web camera with your computer. Our office can provide more details when you arrange your telemedicine appointment with the podiatrist. Call us today at (219)663-2273.

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