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Dr. Nirenberg, our podiatrist, learns new foot and ankle surgery techniques

If you want a second opinion podiatrist to give you a friendly, thorough evaluation of your foot and ankle problem in Northwest Indiana, look no further. Our award-winning foot and ankle practice will provide you with a second opinion podiatrist analysis of your heel, foot, ankle or toe problem.

There’s a reason why our podiatry practice has earned the “Best Podiatrist” award from the Post-Tribune and “Best of the Region” from the NWI Times repeatedly — in fact, ten times in a row!

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Incidentally, Dr. Nirenberg or “Dr. Mike” as patients call him, has helped law enforcement, including the FBI, on homicide cases involving foot-related evidence (such as footprints) and gait analysis. His foot and ankle expertise has been sought by numerous media, including USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, WBBM radio and FOX News (click here to read more news). To read Dr. Nirenberg’s CV click here.

Our office provides expert second opinion podiatrist evaluations for patients of all ages, from children (pediatric foot care) who are flat footed or just not walking right (or even limping) to adults with a painful heel, bunion or ankle; to the very mature person who may believe nothing can be done for their sore toe, corn or arthritis in their foot or ankle.

For a visit with a caring, friendly second opinion podiatrist to help assess your foot or ankle pain or problem call our award-winning podiatry office today at (219)663-2273 or make an appointment online by clicking here now. We are located conveniently on Broadway in Crown Point, just south of 93rd and just a little way from Route 30, about a block away from Merrillville, Indiana.


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Some people want to see a second opinion podiatrist prior to foot or ankle surgery, particularly bunion surgery, or for an ongoing sports medicine injury, while other people just want to get to the bottom of their foot or ankle pain.

We see people from all over Northwest Indiana and even further away who have become frustrated with their heel, foot or ankle pain and want their pain gone. Sometimes they want to see a second opinion podiatrist just to have a fresh set of eyes may identify a reason for your foot or ankle pain that has been overlooked.

Our podiatrists love providing second opinions on tough foot and ankle problems as it often provides them the opportunity to puzzle out why you are having pain or problems while figuring out a good treatment plan to get you well.

To make an appointment to have a second opinion podiatrist evaluate your foot or ankle pain or problem, by our award-winning podiatry office, please call us today at (219)663-2273 or make an appointment online by clicking here now. Our office is conveniently located on Broadway in Crown Point, just south of Merrillville, Indiana.


Our Second Opinion Podiatrist Will Work to Fit Your Needs

You may have already seen a foot or ankle doctor (podiatrist) or an orthopedic surgeon and need a treatment that fits your particular needs or lifestyle. For some people, certain treatments that your doctor or podiatrist is recommending may not be right for you.

For some people foot or ankle surgery is not an option, and quite frankly in most cases should be the very last resort. Nowadays, there a many treatment options available and if you feel your podiatrist is not working to address your concerns and needs, you should see our podiatrists – our doctors will work with you!

Common problems that Northwest Indiana residents make an appointment with us to see a second opinion podiatrist includes: bunion pain, hammertoe pain, nerve pain, heel pain, plantar fasciitis, heel spur pain, flat feet, ankle pain, foot pain, toe pain, neuroma pain, tarsal tunnel syndrome, callouses, corns, infections, wounds, sores, ulcers, diabetic foot problems, numbness, tingling, burning, fractures, sprains, ankle weakness, masses, cysts, and ingrown toe nail pain.

For your second opinion, call us today at (219)663-2273 or make your appointment online by Clicking Here. We are easy to find and conveniently located on Broadway in Crown Point, about a block from Merrillville, Indiana.

Our podiatrist office is conveniently located in Crown Point serves most of Northwest Indiana including Merrillville, Schererville, Lowell, Valparaiso, Hobart, Portage, Winfield, St. John, Dyer, Lansing, Munster, Hammond, Highland, Griffith, La Porte, Whiting, East Chicago, Wheatfield and De Motte.


Northwest Indiana’s Second Opinion Podiatrist

With over 25 years in private practice, you will find each of our podiatrists friendly and able to provide you with a thorough second opinion. We look forward to helping you get back on your feet again and enjoying walking and exercising. Weather you just need a better custom made foot orthotic (arch support), an injection, physical therapy or surgery, our podiatrists are here for you!

Our award winning Indiana podiatry practice provides second opinion consultations for people throughout Northwest Indiana, including Merrillville, St. John, Winfield, Schererville, Valparaiso, Dyer, Portage, Gary, Dyer, Cedar Lake, Griffith, Michigan City, Lowell, Wheatfield, DeMotte, Rensselaer, Hammond, Munster, La Porte, Lafayette, Kouts and Highland an Chesterton. Our podiatry practice is conveniently located with ample parking on Broadway in Crown Point, just a few feet from Merrillville, Indiana.

If you want answers to your heel, foot or ankle problem, please allow one of our foot doctors the opportunity to provide you with a second opinion. You can make an appointment online or call us at (219)663-2273.

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