Foot surgery or ankle surgery is often necessary to alleviate pain or correct deformities, such as bunions. Our foot surgeons have completed extensive training in foot and ankle surgery beyond the typical four years of podiatry school. Dr. Nirenberg has published on foot surgery and his surgical advice has been sought by prestigious news and media organizations, including the Wall Street Journal and WBBM radio.

Most of the surgeries our foot surgeons do to correct toe, heel, foot or ankle problems are performed on an out-patient basis at local hospitals or surgical centers. This means that you get to go home the same day. Incidentally, most of our patients can walk the same day and experience minimal to no discomfort.

When our foot surgeons talk about foot or ankle surgery, they are including everything from painful ingrown toe nail surgery, to bunion surgery, to plantar fasciitis surgery, to neuroma and neuropathy surgery.

Painless “Sedation” Foot & Ankle Surgery

Our foot surgeons know how much people hate needles and they will offer you the option of having “twilight” sleep sedation for a pain-free surgery experience. Other options our foot surgeons offer are general anesthesia or local anesthesia (where you are awake and our podiatrist will “numb” your foot or toe).

Personal Foot & Ankle Surgical Care

When you have toe, heel, foot or ankle surgery by our foot surgeons, your podiatrist will call you the next day to check up on you. Our foot surgeons believe that doing a great surgery for patients is just part of the process—our foot surgeons will be “with you” throughout the healing process.

Surgery Solutions for Foot & Ankle Problems

Foot and ankle surgery is very advanced these days. Whether our podiatrists are doing a simple ingrown toe nail surgery or removing a painful, unsightly bunion, the doctors offer you the latest hi-tech foot and ankle surgery methods, including:


Common Foot & Ankle Problems That May Need Surgery

Our foot surgeons perform surgery to correct a huge number of toe, heel, foot and ankle problems, but some problems are more common. The common foot and ankle problems our podiatric surgeons see include:

Foot and ankle surgery is both an art and a science. Our foot surgeons understand how important it is for you to have your heel, foot or ankle problem solved and have your foot looking as attractive as possible. If you are considering foot or ankle surgery, please call us at (219) 663-2273 to see one our foot surgeons or make an appointment online today.

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