Our Foot Orthotics

These days foot orthotics seem to be everywhere, but when we at Friendly Foot Care use the term “foot orthotic” we mean a custom-made foot support specifically for your unique foot. Most over-the-counter “orthotics” or “custom-fit” orthotics are simply arch supports. Often these non-prescription “orthotics” or “custom-fit” orthotics require that your feet to adapt to them. We design our custom-made orthotics to adapt to your feet. Most people quickly feel the difference.

Friendly Foot Care’s foot orthotics are the most advanced “prescription” foot orthotics possible, each made with computer-aided 3-D technology and configured to meet the precise needs of your feet.

How Our Custom-Made Foot Orthotics Work

Our foot orthotics align your bones, joints and muscles into a more optimal or more correct position. When your feet are misaligned, weak, deformed, too high or too low, or simply not working at their best,they can cause pain and problems in your feet and ankles, and throughout your body (especially in your legs, knees, hips and back).

An easy way to understand how our feet can cause problems in your body is to think about the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa. A faulty foundation caused the entire tower to tilt to one side. With your body, your feet are your foundation and if they are deformed, weak, or misaligned in other ways they may cause pain and problems up your entire skeleton.

Restoring Your Body’s Normal Alignment

To improve the body’s alignment or biomechanics (the way our body moves), our podiatrists fit your feet with our custom made foot orthotics. Our foot orthotics act to realign your feet, ankles and lower legs to work as well and as correctly as they are able.

Foot Orthotics Treat A Wide Variety of Problems

The most common problem we help with our orthotics is arch pain or heel pain (plantar fasciitis or heel spurs). Heel pain can become so severe that it causes some people to limp. Some patients describe their heel pain as sharp, stabbing or like a knife stabbing them with every step. Often, heel pain occurs because a large ligament on the bottom of the foot (the plantar fascia) is inflamed and irritated (plantar fasciitis).

In our office, we often examine this large ligament with ultrasound and confirm that the patient has plantar fasciitis. Patients are happy when we tell them placing one our custom-made orthotics in their shoes may alleviate their heel or arch pain.

You may also benefit from our foot orthotics if you have any of the following problems:

If you have any of the above listed problems, do not hesitate to make an appointment to see one of our doctors—you may need our custom-made foot orthotics.

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