It All Starts With Caring®

This is the philosophy of our podiatrists, Drs. Nirenberg & Minhas, Northwest Indiana’s premier heel, foot and ankle specialists.

Please feel free to explore our site and learn about our podiatrists, our team, our many podiatry services and get to know our practice. We hope you’ll see that at Friendly Foot Care our goal is to work with you to alleviate pain, achieve superb heel, foot and ankle health, and create the best podiatry experience possible in Northwest Indiana.

Our entire practice atmosphere is designed to help you relax and alleviate your heel, foot and ankle problems as quickly as possible (please see our photos section).

Our expert foot and ankle podiatrists are trained in all aspects of heel, foot and ankle care and surgery, and there are few podiatric problems they cannot treat.

More than providing Northwest Indiana with superb, state-of-the-art expert foot and ankle care, our podiatrists go about treating patients quite differently. Our physicians try to get to know each patient and cater to their special needs. For example, if you have an out-patient heel, foot or ankle procedure your doctor will personally call you the next day.

Some examples of the special treatment you can expect include:

  • Laser surgery for plantar warts and other foot and ankle problems.
  • Our foot experts use tiny minimal incision arthroscopic surgery for foot and ankle arthritis.
  • Revolutionary PRP (platelet rich plasma) treatment for heel, foot, ankle and Achilles tendon pain. Click Here.
  • Electronic Medical Records (securely encrypted) with online "portal" access.
  • Heel pain and plantar fasciitis treated with the hi-tech Endoscopic Release Procedure.
  • I.V. Sedation or "twilight sleep" is available.
  • In-office vascular testing to check for circulation problems.
  • Specialized diagnostic foot and ankle ultrasound to accurately diagnosis podiatric problems.
  • For patients who need surgery, we often use a "plastic surgery" closure technique - this means there are no sutures to take out and often the scar is less visible.
  • In-office x-ray, specifically designed for evaluating heel, foot and ankle problems.
  • Skilled at alleviating nerve problems and neuropathy.
  • Our podiatrists use the Swiss technique for bunions and minimal incision surgery.
  • Specialize in heel pain and sports medicine.
  • Our podiatry foot and ankle experts use the wound vacuum, artificial skin grafts, hyperbaric oxygen and antibiotic impregnated beads to treat infections and wounds.
  • We are open Saturdays and evening appointments are available.
  • Convenient Northwest Indiana location on Broadway, just south of the VA Clinic and across from Ace Hardware.
  • Ample parking and the office is handicap accessible.
  • Most insurance and Workers Compensation accepted.
  • All major credit cards accepted.
  • We offer affordable payment plans.

Dr. Nirenberg

Dr. Nirenberg loves solving tough problems. He uses the latest technology to treat heel, foot & ankle pain.

Welcome to Our Practice

We are committed to giving you the best, most caring, most advanced treatment for your heel, foot and ankle problems.

Dr. Minhas

Dr. Minhas enjoys getting patients back on their feet quickly. He uses hi-tech methods to treat heel, foot & ankle problems.