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Podiatrist Northwest Indiana

Voted “Best Podiatrist” and

“Best of the Region” Eight Times!

That’s right, our Crown Point podiatrist practice of Northwest Indiana won the NWI Times and Post-Tribune awards for “Best Podiatrist” and “Best of the Region” an astounding eight times! In our humble opinion, we believe these newspapers are right: our foot doctors ARE the best.

Our award-winning podiatrist Northwest Indiana practice began in 1992 – over 25 years ago! We welcome you to explore our website and learn about our friendly licensed podiatrists (foot doctors), our team, our many heel, foot and ankle pain treatments and get to know our Crown Point / Northwest Indiana podiatry practice. We believe you’ll see that at Friendly Foot Care our goal is to work with you to alleviate heel, foot and ankle pain and create the best podiatrist experience possible in Northwest Indiana.

Patients travel to our award-winning convenient Crown Point podiatry practice from all of Northwest Indiana (and the entire state of Indiana and beyond!), including Schererville, Munster, Merrillville, Dyer, Valparaiso, East Chicago, Portage, Winfield, Gary, Highland, Cedar Lake, St. John, Michigan City, Lowell, Hobart, Wheatfield, Hammond, DeMotte, Griffith, Rensselaer, Roselawn, Lafayette, Kouts, and Chesterton. (Click Here for directions). 

Heel, foot & ankle pain? Award-Winning Podiatrist Care for Northwest Indiana


Whether you have a bunion, hammertoe or severe arthritis, our podiatrist Northwest Indiana office’s foot doctors strive to alleviate your toe, heel, foot and ankle pain and problems as quickly as possible in a pleasant, friendly office atmosphere (please see our photos section). They are also superb foot surgeons, if you need toe, foot or ankle surgery to alleviate your problem.

Our Crown Point / Northwest Indiana foot and ankle podiatrists (and foot surgeons) are trained in all aspects of heel, foot and ankle care and surgery, and there are few podiatry (heel, toe, foot or ankle) problems they cannot treat.

More than being voted “Best Podiatrist,” our podiatrist Northwest Indiana (and Crown Point) podiatry practice offers you superb, state-of-the-art expert foot and ankle care, including digital x-rays (less radiation and better quality), laser and endoscopic heel pain relief.


It All Starts With Caring!®

This is the philosophy of our Northwest Indiana podiatrists. Your heel, foot and ankle pain and problems matter, but so do you – as a person. Our podiatrists treat your heel, foot and ankle pain and problems, but they also will address your special needs and unique concerns. More than your feet, YOU matter!


Our Podiatrist Northwest Indiana office is a friendly, “down-to-earth” atmosphere for your care


Our podiatrist Northwest Indiana office goes about treating patients quite differently — the podiatrists and staff get to know each patient and cater to their special needs. For example, if you have an outpatient heel, foot or ankle surgery your foot doctor will personally call you the next day. This warm, personal attention and caring we believe sets us apart and it helps get your feet feeling as good as possible as fast as possible.

To get a more personal look at our practice, feel free to visit our Facebook page.

Our award-winning podiatry office is located in Crown Point, close to Merrillville, Lowell, Schererville, Munster, Dyer, Valparaiso, East Chicago, Portage, Winfield, Gary, Highland, Cedar Lake, St. John, Michigan City, Hobart, Wheatfield, Hammond, DeMotte, Griffith, Rensselaer, Roselawn, Lafayette, Kouts, Chesterton


Foot & Ankle Problems Our Podiatrist Northwest Indiana Office Treats, Includes:


Our Podiatrist Northwest Indiana Office is Conveniently Located on Broadway in Crown Point

Our podiatry office is easy to find on Broadway, just south of the old VA Clinic in Crown Point, just outside of Merrillville (click here for directions). We have ample parking and we believe the drive out to us is worth it – after all, we have been blessed with the area’s “Best Podiatrist” award eight times! 


We Accept Nearly ALL Insurance Plans

Our podiatrist Northwest Indiana office accepts most insurance, including Workers Compensation (Workman’s Compensation), Anthem, United Health Care, Cigna, Humana, UHC, Blue Cross Blue Shield BC/BS, Aetna, UHC, UMR, Unicare, Laborers, Highmark and more (click here for more information). If you are unsure about our podiatrists accepting your insurance, please call Barb or Karin in our insurance office at (219)663-2273 or email them at and they will be happy to help you.


Our Podiatrist Northwest Indiana Practice Helps Patients From Northwest Indiana & Beyond!

Our award-winning podiatrist practice provides state-of-the-art care for patients from all of Northwest Indiana, including: Merrillville, Winfield, Schererville, Valparaiso, Dyer, Portage, Gary, St. John, Cedar Lake, Dyer, Highland, Griffith, Lowell, Hobart, Portage, Wheatfield, Hammond, Munster, Lafayette, Kouts, Michigan City, East Chicago and Chesterton. You should too – call us today!

Our Podiatrist Northwest Indiana office’s special treatment you can expect includes:

Dr. Nirenberg

Our premier podiatrist Northwest Indiana and foot surgeon, Dr. Nirenberg, voted “Best Podiatrist,” loves solving tough problems, including providing expert treatment for people with heel, foot & ankle pain, diabetic foot problem, flat feet; or an Achilles tendon tear, infection, hammertoe deformity, bunion (bunions), ingrown toenail, fungus toenail, plantar fasciitis, spur or heel spur, sports, athlete and running injury, neuroma (Morton’s neuroma); and renders foot surgery second opinions and much more.

Our Podiatrist Northwest Indiana Practice

Our Crown Point podiatrists are committed to giving you the best, most caring, most advanced foot & ankle treatment and surgery. Specializing in our podiatrist Northwest Indiana office in heel pain, bunions, Achilles tendon pain, neuroma pain, hammertoe pain, arthritis, plantar fasciitis, sports injury, ingrown toenail, corn, callous, diabetes, infection, flat feet (fallen arch), warts, pinched nerve, big toe pain or big toe arthritis (hallux rigidus) and more.

Expert Foot and Ankle Care

Dr. Nirenberg, our main podiatrist Northwest Indiana and foot surgeon, voted “Best Podiatrist,” enjoys solving difficult foot problems, treating people from Crown Point, Lowell, Merrillville, Schererville, St. John, Dyer, Valparaiso, Demotte, Cedar Lake, Wheatfield, Rensselaer, Gary, East Chicago, Hobart, Winfield, Morocco, Munster, Portage, Roselawn, Lafayette, Kouts, Fair Oaks, Michigan City, Hammond and all of Northwest Indiana.

Podiatrist Northwest Indiana

Podiatrist Northwest Indiana office’s lobby

Award-winning foot care on Broadway in Crown Point, close to Schererville, Munster, Merrillville, Dyer, Valparaiso, East Chicago, Portage, Winfield, Gary, Highland, Cedar Lake, St. John, Michigan City, Lowell, Hobart, Wheatfield, Hammond, DeMotte, Griffith, Rensselaer, Roselawn, Lafayette, Kouts, Chesterton. Visit us today!

Cathy Wisniewski

Since day one when I stepped into the Friendly Foot Care facility I was welcomed with a friendly smile. Dr Nirenberg and his staff are awesome. The care that I have been given is beyond words. I would recommend Friendly Foot Care to anyone. Keep up the good work and keep smiling.

Margaret Nolan

“I heard about Dr. Nirenberg from a friend. They got me in to see him the next day. He was very nice and the office people were also nice – and FRIENDLY, just like their name! My heel had been killing me forever and now it’s much better. I am walking so much more. I tell everyone about this place!”

Joan McMillen

“I had been to three foot doctors before I found Friendly Foot Care. Dr. Nirenberg listened to me and was extremely caring and thorough with my medical care. I finally have hope that I can walk without pain. His staff is excellent and always gentle. I have already recommended Friendly Foot Care to friends with foot problems. You can trust Dr. Nirenberg.”


“Dr. Nirenberg and his staff are incredible. I was having problems with my ankle and foot due to pronation. Dr. Nirenberg was able to fit me with an orthotic and I feel like new. I highly recommend Friendly Foot Care!!!”

Susan Medved

“Dr. Nirenberg is a wonderful Foot Doctor. My whole family goes to him. Not only is Dr. Nirenberg the best foot doctor his staff is awesome. They are so helpful and nice.”

Gwenda Steele

Dr Nierenberg helps me manage my total healthcare by alerting me if issues I needed to address immediately I thank god for him he caught something none of my other specialists noticed and informed me right away so that I could get the matter addressed. Then he followed.up to ensure that the matter is addressed. He is genuinely caring & concerned about my life. I am truly thankful May god continue to bless you & your family much love peace & blessings 😇

To read more reviews click here

Lester & Gloria Burkart

“Dr. Nirenberg, We are deeply indebted to you for the compassion and financial help that you have shown to us. We feel that God guides us to people like you who have so much compassion in their heart. Thank you!”

Martin Papusch

“If there is anything above an A-ONE rating for excellence, please let me know and I will include it in my rating of the services that I have received from the entire staff.”

Karen Mika

“As always, this visit like all others was great. The office girls are always smiling, friendly and helpful. From pre-surgery to post-surgery you cared, answered all my questions, calmed my fears, and went above and beyond Thank you for making something pleasant that could be otherwise!”

Christopher Brauer

“Dr. Nirenberg is wonderful and I would highly recommend him to anyone that needs foot care. He showed great care with my issues and was easy to talk with. I give him 2 thumbs up!”

Tammy Banasiak

“Both doctors have has taken great care of my foot problems. After 2 years of care, I ended up having surgery and it went well. I did not need any pain medication! I recommended Friendly Foot Care to my many friends and family members.”

Donald Decero

“I have been to thousands of doctors. This may sound like B.S., but the girls here are the friendliest, nicest, and prettiest I have ever been associated with! The doctors aren’t too bad either.”

Tamika Mays

“I love this office. Everyone is friendly. I would and have recommended this place to many others.”

Pierette A. Evans

“I really love the service and care provided by my doctor and the staff. Keep up the good work!”

To read more reviews click here

Kristen Allen

“The doctor and staff are amazing. I have been going to the office for 4 years now and my treatment has been excellent. I would recommend Friendly Foot Care to anyone in need of a podiatrist.”

Wanda Grugel

“I love Friendly Foot Care – the staff is great, and Drs. Nirenberg & Lacey are sweet, friendly, and very handsome!”

James Krantz

“Dr. Nirenberg is the best Podiatrist I ever had. He does everything he can to help. I have seen a post once where someone did not like the office staff because they would not chat with her while she waited to go back in the treatment, the staff is not there to talk to us except to say hello and check us in otherwise they are there to work. Everyone there is friendly, why else would it be called Friendly Foot Care. I will tell everyone I know and if someone asks me I will always refer them to Friendly Foot Care.”

Google user

“I have been a patient of Friendly Foot Care for 3 years now and have only good things to report! The front office staff, nurses, and physicians are friendly and thorough. The knowledge of Dr. Nirenberg surpasses my expectations. He does not “settle” until he resolves the issue at hand. If you are looking for a qualified podiatrist, Friendly Foot Care comes highly recommended!”

Google user

“They doctors are the very best. Wouldn’t go anywhere else for my foot care. Thanks all of you. The office staff are fantastic as well.”

Google user

“I have been going to see Dr. Nirenberg for awhile. I am so impressed with his work as well as his friendly staff. He has performed a few surgeries on my foot. I drive an hour to see this wonderful doctor. Him and his staff live up to the name ” Friendly Footcare”. If you have any feet problems I recommend this facility. There aren’t enough stars for their outstanding work. “

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