Our Podiatrists / Foot Doctors

Podiatrists/foot doctors are medical experts who specialize in the treatment of heel, foot and ankle pain and problems. Since our podiatrists perform foot and ankle surgery, some people refer to them as foot surgeons or as podiatric surgeons. Podiatrists have the suffix after their name “D.P.M.” These initials—D.P.M—stand for Doctor of Podiatric Medicine.

Whether you call our physicians podiatrists, D.P.Ms, foot doctors or foot surgeons, when you meet them you will see that their main goal is to give you the most thorough, complete, and friendly heel, foot and ankle care… Or simply, the best podiatry experience possible in Northwest Indiana.

Once you meet our podiatrists, you will also quickly see why our patients not only come from Northwest Indiana, but from throughout Indiana and even the country.

Michael Nirenberg, DPM

Podiatrist Foot Doctor Foot Surgeon Nirenberg Image

Our founding podiatrist, Dr. Nirenberg is not only a foot doctor, but also a foot surgeon and forensic podiatrist. The Wall Street JournalFox News, Women’s Adventure Magazine and many other news outlets have reported on Dr. Nirenberg or sought his expertise.

As a forensic podiatrist, Dr. Nirenberg has assisted law enforcement in criminal investigations involving footprints, shoes, gait and other foot-related evidence. He has provided testimony about footprints and shoes that has helped to convict persons of murder. You can learn more about one of his cases by clicking here.

Dr. Nirenberg applies the latest hi-tech conservative and surgery techniques to alleviate toe, heel, foot and ankle pain and problems.

When Dr. Nirenberg is not working as a foot doctor, foot surgeon or a forensic podiatrist, he spends time with his loving wife, two wonderful boys and two cuddly dogs. To learn more about him read his biography on the Meet Us page.

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Harpreet Minhas, DPM

Dr. Minhas is a podiatrist and foot surgeon who completed an extensive three year foot & ankle surgery residency before joining our podiatry practice. Dr. Minhas brings a thorough, caring approach to helping people with their foot and ankle problems.

Dr. Minhas enjoys puzzling tough heel, foot and ankle problems, and he has a soft-spoken, down to earth manner when helping patients. He uses innovative, state-of-the-art conservative and surgical techniques to address foot and ankle problems.

When Dr. Minhas is not working as a podiatrist or foot surgeon, he spends time with family and enjoys watching the Black Hawks, Bears, and Cubs—at least when they are not losing! To learn more about him read his biography on the Meet Us page.

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