Urgent Foot Care & Urgent Ankle Care

If you have a foot injury or ankle injury or infection of a toe or the foot and need treatment, our podiatrist office provides urgent foot care and urgent ankle care, and suggest you call us to see a friendly, caring podiatrist at our Northwest Indiana office today.

Our Northwest Indiana podiatrist office is open at 8 am Monday thru Saturday (every second Saturday) and our dedicated staff and podiatrists will do their best to get you urgent foot care and treatment and urgent ankle care and treatment. Urgent foot care and urgent ankle care means treatment for a foot injury or ankle injury or nearly any toe, foot or ankle injury; or a foot infection or painful ingrown toe nail or infected ingrown toe nail.

Our Northwest Indiana podiatrist office treats people with urgent foot problems from Valparaiso, Crown Point, Merrillville, Schererville, Griffith, Dyer, Gary, Portage, St. John, Schererville, Highland, Lowell, Chesterton, Cedar Lake, Wheatfield, Hobart, Hammond, Munster, Lafayette, Michigan City, Kouts, East Chicago and Valparaiso, and Chicago! Call us today or make an appointment now – CLICK HERE!


Urgent Care for Your Toe, Foot or Ankle Injury or Infection

Urgent foot care or urgent ankle care or immediate care problems we see include a foot or toe infection, an ankle sprain, a foot fracture, a foreign body in the foot or a puncture wound in the foot, a banged toe, a smashed toe (or a broken toe, including a toe fracture or toe injury), a foot fracture, a ankle fracture, a diabetic foot or toe infection or diabetic foot injury, foot pain, heel pain or toe pain, a tendon tear (or torn tendon), a painful ingrown toe nail (and a swollen or infected ingrown toe nail), gout, bone infections and most other urgent care foot or ankle problems.


Urgent Foot & Ankle Care for Your Diabetic Foot Infection or Problem

We provide urgent foot care and urgent ankle care for most diabetic foot problems. In particular, diabetic foot infections and diabetic foot problems are a big part of our practice. Diabetic infections and problems should be seen by a podiatrist promptly. In some cases, a foot infection or problem in a diabetic person can progress to a bone infection, gangrene or even result in an amputation. If you are diabetic it is important your toe, heel or foot problem is seen by a podiatrist as soon as possible.


Urgent Foot & Ankle Care for Your Running or Sports Foot and Ankle Injury

Athletic foot and ankle injury is common and these often require urgent foot care and urgent ankle care or immediate care. If you have a sport medicine injury of the foot or ankle or sports injury of the toe, heel, foot or ankle, please see a podiatrist at our office as soon as you can for urgent foot care or urgent ankle care.

Often, treating a sports or running injury of the foot or ankle early can prevent the injury from worsening. Generally, the sooner a sports or running injury of the foot or ankle is treated, the sooner our podiatrists can help resolve the pain and problem and the sooner you can get back running or performing the sports you love.

Some sport injury problems of the foot and ankle our podiatrist office treats includes: ankle sprain, ankle fracture, foot fracture, toe fracture, tendon tear, ankle instability or ankle weakness (ankle “gives out”), plantar fasciitis, heel pain and more.

Often if your foot injury or infection needs urgent or immediate care, we can get you an appointment the same day you call us or very soon. There are times we may be able to see you sooner than the emergency room or an urgent care center. Emergency rooms may also charge you much more to treat your foot problem than a podiatrist with one our foot doctors would cost you.

Our Northwest Indiana podiatrist office is conveniently located on Broadway in Crown Point, and we offer state-of-the-art foot and ankle technology to thoroughly evaluate and treat your foot or ankle injury or infection. Further, the emergency room wait time may be much longer than just coming to see our podiatrists.


We offer foot and ankle hi-tech equipment, including:


  • Digital x-rays to diagnose a foot or ankle injury quickly and thoroughly. By using digital x-rays, our podiatrist sees more detail than conventional x-rays provide, allowing a foot fracture to be identified quickly. Digital x-rays also use less radiation than ordinary x-rays.
  • Computerized circulation testing to diagnose vascular or blood flow issues. Circulation problems can occur in anyone but this testing may be especially important in a diabetic with an infection or gangrene.
  • Diagnostic ultrasound to help diagnose a torn tendon (or tendon tear) quickly. Diagnostic ultrasound is much less expensive than a hospital MRI and often we can find out if you have torn a ligament or tendon or if an infection has caused an abscess in your foot.


The bottom line is you may be able to save time, money and get relief from your ingrown toe nail, toe, heel, foot, or ankle pain faster by receiving treatment promptly from a friendly, caring podiatrist at our Northwest Indiana office. Call us today for urgent foot ankle care or immediate care. Please explain to the receptionist that your foot, ankle, heel or toe problem or pain requires urgent care or immediate care. She will do her best to get in quickly and try to save you a trip the emergency room.


Urgent Foot and Ankle Care for Your Workers Compensation Foot or Ankle Injury

We accept most insurance, including Workers Compensation (Work Comp), and have a cash price for people with no insurance. Our cash price fees are reasonable, affordable and likely will be much less costly than an emergency room visit. Plus, our podiatrists treat most any injury to the heel, foot, ankle or toe every day and all day (the emergency room doctor may not be able to say this).

If you hurt your toe, foot or ankle at work (or on job) our podiatrists will work with you and your Workers Compensation carrier (and your employer or job) to get you urgent foot and ankle care and treatment. This will include the diagnosis your foot or ankle injury, treatment of the work-related foot or ankle injury, and working with you and your employer to get you back to work as quickly as possible.

If you need foot or ankle surgery, we work with an accredited surgery center and several hospitals. Let our Northwest Indiana podiatrist office provide you the immediate or urgent toe, foot, ankle or diabetic care and treatment you need – call use today at (219)663-2273.


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