Patient Safety

Here at Friendly Foot Care we take patient safety seriously. This ranges from using high-tech encrypted electronic medical records to state-of-the-art sterilization of medical instruments to ensuring our doctors and medical assistants are highly trained in the latest podiatric medical, health and safety techniques.

Medical Training

Our doctors and medical assistants attend ongoing training in podiatric medicine. Specifically, our medical assistants and receptionists must pass a rigorous competency examination administered in Chicago or Indianapolis to be designated as Certified Podiatric Medical Assistants.

This certification examination requires our staff to perform a combination of hands-on training and show detailed knowledge of podiatry, foot and ankle anatomy, medicine, radiology, surgery and infection control.

Beyond on-going podiatric training for our staff, our doctors spend over 30 hours a year learning about the latest advances in heel, foot and ankle podiatric and medical care. In addition, our doctors maintain certification in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) – though, we hope they never need to use it!

Your Medical Records and Information

Our office uses electronic medical records, which is not only good for the environment but secures our patients’ medical information by using advanced methods of encryption.

Further, each year we have a security specialist provide a risk assessment of our patient record policies and procedures to ensure your medical records are safe.

Lastly, our staff undergoes ongoing training in medical record safety and security.

X-Rays of Your Heel, Foot or Ankle

We use a special foot and ankle x-ray machine in our office to check for fractures, heel spurs and other problems in the foot or ankle. The x-ray machine design provides optimal foot and ankle imaging, and most importantly, the machine provides the extremely low levels of x-ray beams.

To further ensure safety, only trained, we only allow certified staff to x-ray patients’ feet or ankles, and at regular intervals our office has an outside radiology expert examine and test the x-ray machine for precision and safety.

Infection Control and Safety

Sterilizing Instruments

As noted above, our assistants and staff undergo extensive training in infection control procedures, and this training is ongoing. Further, all instruments utilized by the doctors are appropriately sterilized and we use an onsite high-heat autoclave machine to provide the most complete levels of sterility possible.

To ensure sterility, the autoclave will make an indicator strip that accompanies the instruments to change color to ensure complete decontamination and sterilization of any possible infectious agents.

Our medical waste is picked up by an outside “medical waste” disposal firm for proper disposal, and we use regulation needle or “sharp” disposal containers throughout the office.

We also use latex-free gloves when examining the feet or ankles of patients who are allergic to latex.

Going the Extra Mile

From the above, it should be clear we take your safety seriously. However, if you have any questions, you should feel free to ask. We are proud of the measures we take to ensure your safety, security and overall good foot and ankle health.

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